Couple Celebrating Anniversary

Why Your Parents Deserve A Big Anniversary Party

Whether it’s 20 years, 30, 40, 50 or 60, an anniversary is a special occasion that should be celebrated. In today’s modern world a marriage that stands the test of time deserves recognition and if your parents are approaching a big number, maybe now is the time to congratulate them by throwing a magnificent party. In this post we will share our reasons why we think you should organise an anniversary party for your parents.

Give Back

The very fact that you have made it to adulthood and are reading this post right now it’s testament to the fact that they did a pretty good job bringing you up. It probably involved a certain level of sacrifice as when bringing up a family, the needs of your children come before your own. Throwing an anniversary party is one way to say thank you for the years of love care and attention they have given you.

Let Them Enjoy It

Organising a party it is a completely different experience to attending one. Trying to sort the venue, the entertainment, food and the invites can become quite stressful and that’s just the lead up to the big day. During the party itself, the host often spends most of their time making sure everything flows and goes to plan. This is why organising it would be a lovely gift. Let them show up, enjoy the event, and be able to relax knowing that the smooth running of the evening is safe in your hands.

You Know Them Best

You know exactly what they both want from a party. You know the food, the guests and the music that will make them happy. Even if they have different tastes you will be able to combine these opposing ideas into an epic representation of their marriage. Don’t leave it to a neighbour, an auntie or a friend to organise, if they want to help, embrace the support but you are in the best position to deliver the perfect personalised anniversary party for your parents.

Another Shot At A Wedding Day

Not in all cases but many weddings that took place years ago were smaller more subdued events. This was often due to limited funds and access to credit. A big and beautiful anniversary party is another opportunity to celebrate and perhaps allow your parents to experience the luxury and decadence that they deserve.

Bringing Family Together

It is common these days for families to live far away from each other through the magic of the internet we stay connected but nothing is quite the same as face-to-face contact and a hug from an old relative or friend you haven’t seen in 4 years.

They say that it is weddings and funerals that bring people together but why not anniversaries too. Surely, we should embrace all opportunities to connect and bring the family together. There is no better gift you can give.

Celebrate, eat, laugh, embrace and dance together.

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Your parents deserve it.