Staff Works Party

Show Your Staff You Value Them, Throw Them A Party

Organising a party for your staff might be low on the list of priorities in your businesses but in this post, we will explore why the impact of a good party is worth the energy, effort and investment.

Let Them Build Relationships And Build Trust With Each Other

We are social creatures and as such, we need social bonds. Your employees spend a lot of their life at work alongside people they didn’t necessarily choose to be with. It is up to the leadership in the company to create an environment that supports the development of these social bonds and allows the relationships to grow.

The benefit of this to the company is that to have a thriving team that works effectively, they need to be able to trust each other. Without the opportunity to develop social relationships this isn’t possible. A party enables them to do this.

Let Them Build Relationships And Trust With The Company

By throwing a party you are giving your time and money purely for an activity that serves to make your employees happy. There is no direct financial reward which is why it will make them feel valued.

The benefit of this to your company is that when your staff feel valued they perform better. They are more loyal and more likely to stick around. There is, therefore, a financial reward, just not in the traditional business sense. Investing in your staff and saying thank you for all their hard work will always see a return in the long run.

A Shining Light

A party is exciting, it’s something to look forward to. It gives your employees an experience to share, even before the big night. Through the discussions leading up to the event, and even after. there will be a buzz that contributes to social bonds and helps them stay in a happy frame of mind.

The benefit of this to the company is that as happy, excited employees they will bring more positive energy to the workplace and their work. Getting more stuff done and to a higher quality.

Nurture Optimism

As a company, for you to invest in a party, it communicates to your employees that business is good and their job is secure. You can tell them how well you are doing in an email but isn’t it better to demonstrate it them in the form of a celebration. 

The benefit to your company is that when people feel safe, they perform better. They know that the company is invested in them and so emotionally and mentally they will invest in you too.

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