Guests Dancing At Event

Live Music vs. Disco: How to Choose

If you’re planning a party or celebration of any kind, it’s likely that music is going to be at the forefront of your thoughts. After all, a party might succeed or fail based on their soundtracks. But, pretty soon you’re going to come up against the eternal question: Should you hire a band, or a mobile disco?

For any party planner, this question can quickly become a major issue, especially if you don’t have all the information you need.

To help you along, here are a few things to think about.


Of course, this is going to be the big issue on the mind of any party planner, the ultimate limitation on your entertainment choices. The thing to remember about a band is that you’re essentially employing a group of talented musicians, all of whom are required for the ‘big picture’ performance, and all of whom want to be paid. On the other hand, a mobile disco comes with primarily one performer and occasionally a helper, which means a small expense for big entertainment. Add onto that the fact that a mobile disco comes with all the sound and lighting equipment you might need, and it’s a portable party package.


The thing about a band is that they tend to have a typical ‘sound’ that they stick to. This isn’t surprising, most musicians will gravitate towards a certain type of music. Add onto that the fact that you want the songs played at your event to be practiced to perfection, and you’re narrowing the pool even more. But, variety is right at the heart of a DJ’s performance. Being able to choose exactly the songs you want, making requests, and totally customising your event is all apart of a good DJ’s service, and adds a lot of value. After all, your event should be about your taste, not just the ability of your performers.


There’s an inherent activity involved in entertaining your party with a DJ and mobile disco. People are able to request songs, the DJ’s equipment makes it easy for them to interact with the audience, and help get them excited and involved. On the other hand, a band needs to be focused on the music, as they’re producing it in the moment. This means that audience interactivity is often neglected, which might be exactly what your party doesn’t need.


When you’re planning an event, the amount of space you have available should be paramount to your thoughts. This is especially true when it comes to choosing between a band and a mobile disco. A band needs a lot of space, for performers, their instruments and all of their speaker equipment. This might not be suitable for all venues, especially if your setup time is limited. A mobile disco on the other hand is portable, easily able to be set up in a small space, and ready to entertain in just a short time. Almost any venue, is suitable to host a mobile disco.

Finding the right entertainment for your party can be a serious issue, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of tiring yourself out going to see band after band, looking for the one that’s right for you and your event, consider a mobile disco. These portable party makers are equipped with everything you need, from party lights to a talented DJ, and their flexibility and value means that they’re suited to a wide range of events.