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4 Things To Consider For Your Wedding

Whilst event planning is usually done by professionals, a lot of couples will skip the wedding planner and arrange their big day themselves in order to save money. Whilst this is great financially, it can be difficult to know where to start, or what to consider. 

Although you’re technically married after signing the registry, most couples will also tend to have a party after the ceremony to mark the occasion. For some, this can feel like the part of the day where they really get to relax and celebrate their newly married status, as well as enjoying the traditional first dance and showing off their engagement and wedding rings

Whilst each wedding reception will be unique, there are several key things to decide when planning this important day. Here, we take a look at four things you’ll want to consider.


It may be that you host the reception at the same venue where you’re getting married, in which case it’s easy for any guests attending both the ceremony and the reception. However, if you’re moving from one location to another, for example from a church to the second venue, you’ll need to consider how your guests are going to get there. Is it easy for them to park at both venues? You could consider including a map in your invites to show them how to get between both. 

Also consider where your reception venue is in relation to other amenities. If there isn’t accommodation at the venue, your guests will likely need to get themselves a hotel room for the night, and taxis can be limited and expensive if it’s remote. Make sure to give your guests plenty of notice so they can make arrangements, and perhaps include details of a range of local hotels they can look at.

Who To Invite

Deciding who to invite can be tricky. There are probably plenty of people you like, but it can be difficult to set a guest list when you know that you’ll likely have a capacity limit from the venue, or need to pay per head for food.

If you’re struggling on numbers and budget, consider having a two part reception: first, the meal and speeches, and the second, the evening entertainment. This way you can invite those guests who you want to share your day with, but can’t quite justify having at the ceremony and meal.

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When it comes to entertainment, most couples will have some form of music, whether that’s a live band or a DJ. For those getting married in the warmer months, you could also look to include some outside games for an informal atmosphere, like mini-golf or lifesize jenga. 

The best place to start with this is to think about what sort of atmosphere you want to create, and what suits the venue. Be mindful of any children attending as well – whilst it’s not wholly your responsibility to keep them entertained, providing personalised colouring books or a fun area for them can also help their parents relax and enjoy their time with you.


Ultimately, this will depend on where you have decided to have your wedding. If you’ve chosen a traditional wedding venue like a country house, you might find that food is included with the price that you pay per head, and so you need to pick from their menu. 

However, if you choose a dry venue where you bring everything in yourself, why not get creative with your menu? If it’s an informal atmosphere that you’re after, food trucks are a great choice, and you could also get some of them to stay on later in the evening, to serve your evening reception guests a snack to fuel their dance moves.

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