Wedding Couple Married Abroad

Pros & Cons Of Getting Married Abroad

One of the first decisions to make when organising your wedding is the venue but before you even find the location you need to know what country you’ll be getting hitched in. For some people getting married abroad is the ultimate dream; sun, sea and a beautiful service but what if you are unsure? It’s a big decision to make that will have huge implications on the entire day. In this post we will explore the pros and cons of getting married abroad so you feel more informed about your choice.

Couple Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad – Pros

• It’s supposed to  be the best day of your life so why not do it somewhere unusual! Why get married in the same place your child has communion or you might have a work meeting? Make your start married life exotic.

• You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually quite reasonable to get married abroad. Especially in comparison to the high end weddings in the UK. If you want the luxury treatment you get more bang for your buck in some locations abroad.

• You don’t have to invite everyone you have ever met. With a wedding abroad no one expects you to invite more than your family and close friends so you only have to have the people you really want there (you could even just go and do it alone)!

• You can buy complete wedding packages where they organise everything from flights to the service to the entertainment.

Wedding Couple Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad – Cons

• Although it might be cheaper for you to get the luxury wedding abroad, it might be a big strain on your family and friends. They might not be able to afford to go or be able to get enough time off work to attend.

• By giving the power to others to organise you have less control. You won’t know till you get there if you don’t like something and it might be too late to change it.

• Many couples opt to have a party when they return so those who miss out can still celebrate with them, although this is a great idea to keep everyone happy it will push the price up.

• Perfect weather is not guaranteed. If you have paid the money and have the expectation of a sunny day and then the rain starts you would be more disappointed than if that happened at home. Especially as most abroad weddings are planned outside.

• Most of the time you won’t have the power to hand pick individual service providers. Professionals such as photographers and DJ’s have a big impact on the day, the atmosphere and the memories you are left with. Many people prefer to take a more active role in these decisions to ensure they are happy with the final pick.

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