Guests At A Party

Tips To Add Personalisation To Your Party

Throughout our lifetime we attend many parties and events so when it’s time to throw your own how can you ensure that it stands out?

It takes so much time and energy to organise, you don’t want the memory of it slipping away for your guests, or worst still, blurring into the memory of all the other parties. In this post, we will explore 3 ways you can add personalisation to your party so that not only will it be remembered but it will be remembered as yours.

1. Before The Big Day

Before the big day even arrives you can create a sense of anticipation. Get people excited and give them something to remember, your party can stand out before it’s even begun. Here are a few strategies to consider;

  • Personalise the invitations (there are many websites that provide this service).
  • Send a printed balloon with the event details on so that when they blow it up they can read it.
  • Create a Facebook group where you can get your guests involved beforehand. Add polls to ask for their feedback and preferences, add pictures of the decor and links to providers. By popping up on their notifications all the time, they won’t have the time to forget about it. Also the process of doing this helps them to remember you personally; they will feel valued and grateful to be considered and involved, they will associate these positive feelings with you.
  • Come up with a theme that your guests have to contribute to – this could be fancy dress or something you require them to bring. By asking them to be part of the party this way they feel they have more ownership over it and the process of looking for the right outfit/item will mean it stays in their mind long after the dance floor has cleared.

When selecting a theme make sure that you choose something that represents you in some way, perhaps your work, your hobby or your favourite band… it doesn’t really matter what it is, only that your guests already associate it with you.

2. Design The Decor

These days you can personalise anything, even if you have an unusual name. Years ago if you couldn’t find your name on the keyring at a service station you were stuck. These days with the explosion of cheap, easy printing and access to the digital marketplace, consumers have a lot more choice. You can personalise anything and everything from tablecloths to chair covers, balloons to favours.

 3. Memorable Music

Music is a big part of personal identity. Music is the soundtrack of your life and it represents you and your experiences in a unique way. Talk to your DJ before the event and tell them about the music that is personal to you. Remember though that not everyone’s tastes are the same and just because a certain song or genre means something to you, it doesn’t mean other people will actually enjoy it. Creating a playlist that considers all of your guests but also incorporates some of your personal favourites is a balance that will benefit you on the night and ensure that your party is personalised, fun for all and memorable.

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