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30 Party Songs To Rev Up Any Party

Singing makes us feel good, even bad singing. Honest, it’s a scientific fact! When we sing, we release endorphins which raise our mood. Additionally as we breathe deeply to belt out a tune our body is drawing in more oxygen which reduces stress. With all this in mind, playing songs that people can’t help but join in with at your party is a sure fire way of creating a positive atmosphere that people will remember long after the singing has faded into the night.

The potential problem is that people of different generations and backgrounds will have different taste in music and won’t know the same lyrics. Well this is true in many cases but some songs have the power to descend such barriers and bring a room full of people together.

In this post we will share our favourite sing-a-long songs that you need on your playlist for any party, regardless of the age of your guests.

First come the classics, some of you may be a little disheartened to discover some of your old favourites are now classified as classic tunes but anything more than 20 years old that has stood the test of time and still inspires a room full of people to sing their hearts out, has to be a classic in our book!


The next 15 are the more contemporary of choices, these are the songs that have been more recently played on the radio repeatedly and your guests will find it hard not to sing along, even if they don’t want to!


The lists could go on but these are our favourites, the ones we know have an impact.

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